Greatec Chinese Translation is a professional Chinese translation agency providing total Chinese translation services mainly in the US , Canada and China  


The RIGHT Chinese translation  supplier, guaranteed!  

All Chinese is not the same.

At Greatec Chinese Translation -- certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario  --  we are very familiar with Chinese as it is actually used in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and in Chinese communities elsewhere in the world. Chinese Translation
We know how written characters are structured in both Simplified and
Traditional forms. When interpreting, we know when and where to use Mandarin or Cantonese pronunciation. Chinese translation
We even know that people in Taiwan speak Mandarin (as do most people on the Mainland) but (unlike on the Mainland) write in Traditional Chinese. Chinese translation
Greatec Chinese Translation employs only native Chinese speakers and native English speakers, which enables us to provide the most accurate translation and interpretation services possible to clients in the Toronto area and around the world.

Chinese translation 

ATIO certified Chinese translation and Chinese interpretation  

Greatec Chinese Translation boasts has three ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters Ontario) certified Chinese-English translators (Only seven people currently hold such a qualification), six certified Chinese-English interpreters. Those qualified translators and interpreters are the core member of Greatec team.Chinese translation Canada Toronto



Professional Chinese translation of diverse material   

For perfect translation, professional knowledge and language skills are a must. Most translators and editors at Greatec Chinese Translation are from China and now live in  Canada, the U.S., and other Western countries. Most of our translators and interpreters have technical backgrounds in areas such as engineering and science, so you know they will understand your technical terminology. Greatec Chinese Translation also has language professional as our proofreaders and editors whose mother tongue is English. chinese translation
Most of Greatec Chinese Translation’s professionals have  Master's or PHD degrees in their field. They specialize in law, economics, construction, IT, electricity, mechanics, biology, pharmacy, finance, trade, business, management, agriculture, oil, chemistry, textiles, energy, and so on.   Chinese translation Toronto


GCT’s Chinese translation services include:  
  • Document translation. Including the translation of government documents, science and technology articles, commercial files and so on.
  • Consecutive/simultaneous interpretation services in Toronto, the U.S. and China, including complete coverage of business negotiations, trips and visits.Chinese translation Toronto
  • Website localization, web design, web Chinese translation and software localization.
  • Typesetting and printing: Greatec Chinese Translation provides editing, typesetting and printing services for all kinds of cards, manuals or other publications, to or from Chinese.  Chinese translation



International Chinese translation service system 

GCT is located in Toronto, Canada, the biggest city and  economic centre in the county. GCT is a leading Chinese translation agency in Canada and North America. It provides fast, accurate, ideal Chinese translation to and from English/French services to clients in Canada, the U.S and around world.chinese translation
Greatec Chinese Translation has established long term business relationships with its counterparts in China and USA, this enabling it to give its clients a more accessible and complete Chinese translation services. Regardless of whether its clients go to China or to the U.S, they can be provided with local Chinese translation or interpretation. We can also arrange to have publications printed locally and delivered promptly to their destination. Chinese translation  Toronto

Major world languages services apart from Chinese translation   

Besides its highlight translation, Greatec Chinese Translation is also provides major world language translations:

  • English to and from French translation. Chinese translation Toronto
  • Japanese to and from English translation.
  • Chinese to and from French translation Chinese translation
  •  Korean-English or French translation
  • Chinese-Japanese or Korean  translation Chinese translation
The other advantages of Greatec Chinese Translation 
  • Multiple price choices meeting customers’ needs. Greatec Chinese Translation provides services at different prices to meet the needs of customers at all levels and of different natures. chinese translation
  • Computerized customer service: Regardless of the time or where you are, you can conveniently request quotes, submit documents, receive documents, and make payments online.  chinese translation
  • Comprehensive business services: Once you have chosen Greatec Chinese Translation, our one-stop services will address all your business needs, from Chinese document  translation to printing and binding, and from consecutive/simultaneous interpretation to Chinese website translation and localization. You don't have to waste time negotiating with several companies. We do it all.    Chinese translation Toronto
Regardless of whether you need translation of a document or Chinese interpretation, website localization, whether your business is in Canada, the U.S or China, Greatec Chinese Translation is without doubt your best choice.